Scheduled Shredding Service

As a routine part of our paper shredding services, we provide storage bins for keeping your papers secure on your site at no extra cost to you. Our representatives will meet with you to set up your paper handling system. We will help you select the type of storage that you need to fit seamlessly into your office or shop environment.

We have attractive locking consoles for collecting sensitive documents in your office. These cabinets blend into your office decor and are convenient to use. They provide storage for confidential papers between your scheduled mobile shredding dates.

We also have larger lockable rolling bins that are easy to move anywhere you need them in your facilities. These bins hold a larger amount of paper and are ideal for operations with high volumes of sensitive documents that are held for frequent shredding, or for storing lower volume paper streams for longer times between shredding.

Our lockable containers form a key part of your confidential paper handling system. You control the container keys, so you know who has access to sensitive materials from the time they pass through the container slot until they are destroyed in our mobile shredding units. With our state-of-the-art paper handling system, our workers never touch your documents before they are destroyed.

We specialize in on-site storage for mobile shredding, but we also provide secure containers for large volume storage for periodic transport to our facilities if you prefer to use our stationary off-site paper shredding services. Either way, our secure containers keep your materials safe from the time they leave your hands until they are destroyed.

Along with our secure storage containers, we also offer bins for keeping non-confidential papers until we collect them for recycling alongside your shredded documents. By taking shredded documents and non-confidential papers to the recycling center on the same truck, we save you money and contribute to your company's energy efficiency.

Contact us by phone or email to get more information about our document destruction, mobile shredding, paper recycling and other specialty services. We will be happy to prepare a quote tailored to the unique needs of your business.

The Supreme Court ruled that you cannot rely on normal expectations for privacy (California v. Greenwood, v 484, U.S. 105-98 L.Ed 2d971, 108.Ct 1005, 198) for items that you throw away. Therefore, it is crucial that all of your documents be securely shredded before you discard them.