Frequently Asked Questions

So, why is shredding my documents so important??
It is obvious that a health care company, accounting firm or law office would want to keep their paperwork secure in order to guard client confidentiality, but you may not think it is all that important for your business if you are not in one of those fields. But, your company probably handles hundreds of pieces of paper every day that bear information that you do not want to get into dishonest hands.

Every invoice or letter that you receive or send out contains vital information about your business and about the people you do business with. If your paperwork is simply thrown out with the trash, identity thieves could extract information to steal from your clients, competitors could mine your papers for trade secrets and sensitive business data, or other criminals could learn crucial information about your operations that could make your company a target for burglary or other property crimes.

You may not realize the amount of potentially damaging information that goes out with your trash every day. You definitely don't want to open the newspaper one morning to see that your company's trash was the source of leaks of credit card numbers, patient records or other confidential information!

Do you recycle our shredded paper?
Yes. All of your paper is taken to a recycling center after shredding. We will also pick up your non-confidential waste paper and deliver it to the recycling center along with your shredded documents. Recycling improves your company's overall energy efficiency and saves you money on transportation and waste disposal.

How long do we have to wait for service?
We work new customers into our schedule very quickly, so give us a call if you need fast service. We can also set up a regular mobile shredding schedule with you that fits your needs, whether you want service several times per week or just a few times per year.

Do you handle sensitive materials besides paper?
Yes. We handle the destruction of any kind of sensitive material, including hard drives, CD-ROMs, disks, tapes, credit cards, uniforms and plastic prototype parts. Let us know what your data destruction needs are and we will find a way to take care of them for you.

We have a massive backlog of papers to be destroyed. Can you haul them off and shred them at your plant?
Yes. We have stationary shredders at our site for handling large volumes of paper that are not practical for mobile shredding at your location.

What is your service area?
We offer our paper shredding services to businesses throughout Southeast Michigan and the Toledo Ohio area.

How do your rates compare to your competitors?
We do not charge the lowest prices for our paper shredding services, but we believe that our customers get the best value for their money. We are bonded and insured, we use the best equipment for the job, we arrive on time and destroy your sensitive materials with complete security.

Contact us by phone or email to get more information about our document destruction, mobile shredding, paper recycling and other specialty services. We will be happy to prepare a quote tailored to the unique needs of your business.